Sven Otten

Sven Otten

Customer satisfaction

Veröffentlicht am 3 Oktober 2019
Customer satisfaction

As people from the north in The Netherlands where our factory is based, we are humble and modest but sometimes, not too often, but sometimes we just feel proud. Today this happened after we received from a high valued customer below feedback:

As a company we aim for an average problem order rate of 4.5% and below, over the last 3 months (date range 01.07-30.09) I am delighted to announce the average problem order rate with yourselves is an astounding 0%!
We quite literally could not ask for better, so a massive thank you on behalf of the team for your hard work and ongoing support.

Our total team of employees in all disciplines are passionate about what they do and we cannot receive a better acknowledgement from the market for this performance than this kind of feedback from customers. After almost 50 years of being in the printing business we believe that long term customer satisfaction is one of the highest values in (our) business and we are therefore very grateful in receiving this feedback and will continue to deliver quality, be reliable, be competitive, be caring, be kind and be the best in the promotional paper business, we are FleQs. 


Bringen Sie Ihre Nachricht zu Papier !

Funktional: Wir machen täglich Notizen. Das Papierprodukt ist daher immer funktional und ist weit verbreitet. Dies hat einen positiven Effekt auf Ihrem guten Ruf.
Creative: Papier bietet mehrere Optionen in Bezug auf Größe, Form, Design und Druck. Denken Sie an variablen Druck auf jedem Blatt.
Umweltfreundlich: Jetzt auch in Eco 100% Recyclingpapier und FSC-Qualität.
Flexibel: Papier bietet die Flexibilität und schnelle Lieferung in Größe, Anzahl der Blätter oder Leistung, kombiniert zu ändern.

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