Cliff Hill

Cliff Hill

FleQs Fulfilment

Published on april 30, 2021
FleQs Fulfilment

We added an activity to our services !
Since a year now we also started to stock products for some of our customers. We invested in creating many palletplaces and have an efficient way of orderpicking so we are fast, competitive, accurate and report uo-to-date stocklevels. We also have transportrates negotiated on Group level and therefore very competitive for whole Europe.

Interested ? let us know, levae you details at and we will be in touch soon or feel free to call.

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Our Online catalogue provides an extensive and inspiring collection of high quality promotional paper products which will add value and impact to any promotional campaign.

Utilising our print expertise and cutting edge print facilities, fleQs offer the ideal solution to any marketing brief that ensuring the sticky notes, writing pads or bespoke paper product is delivered on time to create the right result and make the brand stand out.

Paper is always unique and creative