Variable print

Published on: January 7, 2022
So, what is Variable Print on sticky notes?

Simply put, variable print is allowing your customer to print different images, messages, or brands to each sheet within a pad of sticky notes, or alternatively, printing every pad with a different image.
But is a sticky note just print on paper, or can it be something far more powerful, far more impactful and create huge returns from a relatively low-cost investment?

With modern digital print and a process which fleQs first introduced to the European market in 2010, producing sticky notes with variable print delivers another level of value to what is already, a hugely impactful and functional product and giving your customer the opportunity to add new angles to their promotional merchandise campaigns.

How can it be used?

Variable print - this can be used in a multitude of ways (we often use the phrase there is the answer, what is the question, how can your customer implement it) and suggest each sheet and pad can be a blank canvas to your customers creativity.

There are four main pillars of variable print,
1. Animation (eg. flick book style)
2. Multiple images within a pad (eg. different products on each sheet)
3. Multiple messages within a pad (eg. A different motivational message per sheet)
4. Personalisation (eg. Providing each delegate at a conference with their own personalised pad)

Animation - This is a process which has been used in a variety of ways, from a simple step and repeat through to a full cartoon animation, a few examples include roller coasters, cars and time lapse photography.
Animation within variable print can give your customer a creative slant to a sticky note and increase its retention value, usage and create a talking point with the recipient.

Multiple Message - This process which is probably used most often and gives your customer the opportunity to broadcast multiple messages / brands etc. in one single unit. Take for example a workforce wellbeing and motivational campaign, variable print can be used to promote a company ethos on each sheet and include a different motivational message per sheet. Other notable examples include healthy living messages and different key messages about a company and their offering.

Multiple Images - Similar to messages but swapping for images, this offers huge versatility and opportunity to promote multiple brands within one single pad, consider a drinks company for example, wanting to promote multiple new flavours within a single product, with variable print this becomes immediately possible and importantly, hugely cost effective. Other notable examples here include charities promoting different images of positive outcomes they have supported, art galleries using each sheet to promote upcoming events and exhibitions throughout the year and many, many more.

Personalisation - This would allow your customer to personalise the pads, an annual conference for example would be an ideal way to give a staff member a pad featuring their own name, or as often used a sticky note which is sent a small token of thanks to a customer and features their own name on each sheet.

Although each very different, each of the pillars above can be used either in isolation of one another or in conjunction with one another as a combination of features to truly maximise and add value to a customers promotional merchandise campaign.

So, should your customer be looking for a promotional product which is low cost, high impact, has great retention value and is usable, functional and practical consider suggesting sticky notes and specifically variable print for their next campaign and give fleQs a call for more information.


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