Nieuw; inloggen op de FleQs website!

Publié sur: 26 Septembre 2022
Nieuw; inloggen op de FleQs website!

Vanaf nu is het mogelijk om via je persoonlijke login direct jullie inkoopprijzen in te zien.

Op dit moment hebben wij de prijzen van de standaardformaten Sticky Notes en Schrijfblokken online staan. Wij zijn continu bezig om deze prijslijsten aan te vullen met ook onze andere producten.
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FSC & Recycled paper

Publié sur: 7 Janvier 2022
As a manufacturer of paper products, we understand the need to protect the environment and the resources we use in the production process.
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Variable print

Publié sur: 7 Janvier 2022
So, what is Variable Print on sticky notes?

Simply put, variable print is allowing your customer to print different images, messages, or brands to each sheet within a pad of sticky notes, or alternatively, printing every pad with a different image.
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Publié sur: 1 Décembre 2021
We from fleQs want to wish all our customers and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
That you may have a wonderful time with your family and loved ones.

Our company will be closed on the 31st December, but furthermore we`ll be available to assist you.
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FleQs Fulfilment

Publié sur: 30 Avril 2021
We added an activity to our services!
Since a year now we also started to stock products for some of our customers. We invested in creating many palletplaces and have an efficient way of orderpicking.
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Mailable product overview

Publié sur: 16 Novembre 2020
We @fleQs made a product selection for you of high impact & low cost mailable promotional paper products. Because of the low weight sending it is very cheap and easy and with our short deliverytimes it can be done quickly.
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